Policies & Procedures!

Studios Guidelines

Due to the nature of our studio, we have many items that can be dangerous if not handled properly.  Items included but are not limited to: scissors, seam rippers, rotary cutters, sewing machines with moving parts, sharp needles, pins, irons, hot glue guns, etc.  It will be expected that each student respect  all tools in the classroom, other students, and their instructor. 

Hair and Shoes

Students must have long hair pulled back away from the face while creating, sewing and crafting.

Students must wear comfortable covered shoes.  Shoes must be comfortable and lightweight for touching the foot pedal on the sewing machine.  Due to the fact of pins possibly  on the floor, it is recommended to wear covered toes, such as tennis shoes, so as not to step on pins.

Food and Beverage

A large amount of time is spent working on sewing machines, cutting tables and projects.  With this in mind, food, drink, gum and candy are not permitted in our studio without permission.  We have a designated area for bottled water.  Please have your name on your water bottle.

Drop Off & Pick Up

Parents, please be considerate and do not drop your student off more than 5 minutes before class.  We do not have a waiting room.  Please be prompt in picking up your student. 

Additionally, siblings and friends of students attending class will not be allowed in the studio during class time.

Allergies, Health Issues, Learning Disorders

If your child has any allergies, dietary restrictions, learning disabilities or other special medical condition or health concerns, you MUST make sure that we are aware of it at registration.

Personal Sewing Kits

Students need to bring their personal sewing kits to class every week.  Please have your name on all your tools.